Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long time....

Since it has been awhile I thought I would post some sketches I have done recently.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holiday Projects

This past holiday I decided that I wanted to make some gifts for my girlfriend. I had done a bit of inlay work before on one of my guitars with my dad, but never on anything as thin as an I phone case. I made this inlay of my dog Wally out of several shades of mother of pearl with some scrim shaw work that was filled with a black smudge stick.

The raccoon earrings are made out of some fossilized walrus ivory that I cut scrim-shawed and filled with India ink. Im pretty happy with how they turned out :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I started off the new year with the plan to do a sketch a day. So far I have been unsuccessful, but I HAVE been drawing more. Here are a few sketches from the past few months as well as some new ones. Hope you enjoy :)

Horror movie study

Ode to ParaNorman
Summer cabin & horror movie studies
Road trippin'

Gloria Cubano & Jesse James

I also thought I would post what I have been working on for the past few months. Here is some of my latest CG work. I completed the project below for a graduate studio class in the fall of 2012. 

This short study is a recreation of a daydream I had as a boy listening to the stories my grandmother told me about her life while my grandfather was serving in the Navy during World War II. For most Americans World War II was experienced through the radio and newspapers. This study attempts to recreate my childhood vision while telling the story of World War II through the use of a radio's audio and visual attributes. The final product contains World War II radio broadcasts, soft dream-like imagery, flashes of brightness, still images of an earlier time, and other effects that I hope leave the audience with the sense of a place neither here nor there: this is an imagined memory.

Imagined Memories from Jeff Gipson on Vimeo.
Radio Model from "Imagined Memories"
Texture work for the radio
Clock model and texture work from "Imagined Memories"

Here are a few pieces of work that did not get presented or added to my demo reel, but I thought I would share them since I put time and effort into them.

Cabin Model for an animated Horror/ Nightmare project that I scrapped
Environment studies for the Horror/ Nightmare project. I wanted to work with stylized textures
Flash light vignette in color
A rough attempt at a video camera/ flash light vignette
A few images working with the application of water color textures to 3d models